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Gardening St Ives

At Grene Gardening, We provide you with professional gardening in St Ives, we create a total new look in your garden and outdoor space. We can makeover your garden or renew or fix any sections and parts of your garden with special look and feel. We offer a complete gardening services in your garden to improve the quality and integrity of diffident items without changing the general look of the garden, we are professional and experienced team of gardener in St Ives to help you to provide you with exactly what you need. 

We beautify your front and back garden and yard and transform it into the magnificent garden. With Grene Gardening in St.ives your garden will looks more fun, color, life and a place that you and your family and friend enjoy more spending time.  

Gaener St Ives
Gardening St. Ives

Lawn Mowing St. Ives

Mowing your lawn is an essential for you r front and backyard as a part of regular maintenance. At Grene Gardening services we provide you with Lawn Mowing maintenance on regular basis as needed for your properties. 

We also providing your garden lawns with require regular feeding with a quality fertilizer to keep them looking good and growing strong. 

At Grene Gardening we take care of your lawn with using lawn weeding product to weed watch the grass.

Lawn Moving St Ives
Lawn Mowing St.Ives
Hedge Trimming St Ives

Hedge Trimming St. Ives

Grene Gardening services team of St Ives gardeners will make over your garden to a neat and tidy hedge in your home garden to the shape that you enjoy. 


Hedges are planted to form and attractive boundary and structure to your garden. Our professional gardeners at Grene Gardening St. Ives will add beauty and value to your property with regular maintenance and trimming. 

All our staff are trained                           professionals who knows to bring the beauty to your garden. 

Hedge Trimming St. Ives

Garden Clean ups St. Ives

Gardening St Ives

At Grene Gardening Garden Clean ups St Ives we offer the below services 

  • Clean up fallen branches 

  • Clean up garden beds and remove dead leaves

  • Rubbish removal 

  • Gutter cleaning 

Garden Clean ups St. Ives

Tree Services St. Ives

Grene Gardening & Tree Services St. Ives team are experienced gardener that can safely trim and prune trees to ensure that they grow healthy and strong. 

We keep your garden trees neat and tidy with regular trimming to allow your trees looks fabulous and under control. 

Tree Services St. Ives

Turf Laying St. Ives

Turf buying isn’t an easy decision. There are a variety of aspects to consider when you want to buy the best quality turf for your lawn. Whether you are looking to buy Sir Walter turf or any other variety of buffalo turf, the team at Grenegardeing  is here to help.


With years of experience in turf supplies and installation in St Ives, we assure you of a professional service. Our turf specialists can offer expert advice to help you make an informed decision when buying lawn turf for your St Ives property.

Deep Root Fertilization
Turf Laying St. Ive
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