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FebruaryGarden Tips

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Because it is warmer than summers 10 years ago, you might need to change what you normally do in February.

See Our Feb TIPS.

What You Need to do !

  • Weeding

Weeding is a great job to do at this time of year. Cut down the competition between your tasty treats and these space invaders, and tidy up your patch. It may sound tedious, but it’s incredibly rewarding!

  • Mulching

Top up the mulch on your vegetable patches, herb gardens and ornamental beds. This is especially important in hot summer. 

  • Watering

Water smarter at this time of year and always first thing in the morning. A nice, deep drink a couple of times a week is far more beneficial than frequent, short watering.

  • Green Manure

Consider a green manure crop to add some life and love to an overworked patch. At this time of year try lablab, cow pea, mung bean, soy bean and millet. This will improve your soil incredibly, and, for a bit of forward planning, you’ll find it well worth the effort!

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